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Singapore GP2 – Analysis of Sunday’s Race

This article will provide an in-depth Singapore GP F3 analysis of the upcoming race. The first round of the Formula One season has just concluded and it was an exciting race with four potential world champions in the battles for second and third place. It went to an all- Editors final and I have to say that I was disappointed with some of the decisions made by the organizers. Of course, I am not a professional writer and just try to do my job as a reporter but I am aware of how the decisions are made. Therefore, in this article I will give you an objective view of the Singapore GP.


We know that Silverstone is one of the fast track surfaces in Europe and many other countries but it is surprising to note that it is not fast as well on some other tracks. In fact the only track which is similar to Singapore race track in its conditions is Spa-based Nurburgring. It turns out that Spa is one of the slowest tracks on the calendar and that is why most teams prefer to race on softer tracks to gain maximum advantage. It was surprising to see that Singapore track is similar to Spa track except for the change in the layout.

It seems that some teams prefer to race on softer compounds because they are aware that the race on the Red Zone is their toughest race of the year. That is probably one of the reasons why there were so many overtaking moves in the opening stages. As the race went on I didn’t find much surprise in the start of the race because the conditions seemed to be ideal for a wet track. I found that the cars started very softly and it took a while for them to warm up. That is when the tires became difficult to handle and early engine problems also contributed to the delay.

However, on the other hand we also saw that the pace of cars on soft compounds is more than enough to get ahead of everyone else, especially when on track and with a good start. This explains why there were several safety car interventions early on and also why pole position was also taken by Ferrari. The most interesting strategy seemed to be Ferrari’s overtaking strategy on the outside. However, it failed badly as they found it hard to get past Mercedes on the inside.

Both teams tried several other strategies as well. The first one seemed to be Lewis Hamilton’s strategy: to get past Ferrari and also stay out of the trouble that Jules Bianchini created for him on the right part of the track. Unfortunately this did not pay off as they lost another four positions and fell further back. They were soon caught up and lost more ground to Joann Patjavage and her Ferrari.

Lewis Hamilton seemed to have a good race only when he got away from his teammate. After having an accident with Romain Grosjean, Lewis Hamilton was able to recover well and fought his way home in fourth. Although this did not help him to get past Jean-Annique Guedes who qualified in the same place. But it also showed how quick he is and how much confidence he carries in himself and in his ability to beat any opponent.

This Singapore GP has been another cracking session with some amazing battles between different teams. Each of them has tried something new in order to surprise the other and to gain some extra places. We can now look at the Singapore GP as a battle between Ferrari and Mercedes, both coming with unique ideas and strategies, as they tried to outsmart the other in the race weekend.

The race weekend in Singapore seems to have produced the best race of the year. It is clear that Ferrari has the speed in the race and also they seem to have more trust in their driver. They came very close to winning the race but ended up losing it by only one point. The big surprise was Lewis Hamilton who qualified in fourth after a great fight with Ferrari and it was clear that he has the speed to challenge for the podium in future races.

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