The Secret Behind Sainz’s 2019 F1 Season


The Sainz Norris battle of 2019 didn’t seem like much of a battle at all. But now with the Formula 1 2020 season is well underway and as of now, it appears Norris has the upper hand which has shocked some people. Now this may still turn as Carlos has an incredible amount of potential … Read more

Donut Media & CYF1 Analyze Ferrari’s 2020 Dismal Season


Donut Media investigates Ferrari’s dismal 2020 season to diagnose the horses that stopped prancing. Enjoy this video as Donut Media’s Nolan (Past Gas Podcast), TommoF1, F1/E Reviews, and yours truly dig in to this case study of how to crash land a team that is unfolding right before our very own eyes. Enjoy this podcast … Read more

Where Does Ferrari’s 2020 Season Rank Amongst Worst Seasons Ever?


The Ferrari 2020 Formula 1 campaign has left many Tifosi on hard times – and understandably so. But is this season as bad as people make it out to be? Rather than echo that sentiment blindly, I did what I always do… dig.  In the video I’ve made available above, you will find 5 Formula … Read more