Antonio Giovinazzi 2020 Seat Confirmed With Alfa Romeo

Antionio Giovinazzi 2020 Seat Confirmed As Alfa Romeo have officially retained the young Italian to drive next to Kimi Raikkonen in 2020.

Antionio Giovinazzi 2020 grid position is now in place and on the books. With a lackluster season thus far, a majority of the points has been pulled by his veteran teammate Raikkonen. It’s not small feat being matched with a former world champion – just look at the exhausting fight we see at Ferrari. As Giovinazzi enters his sophomore season, i imagine he’ll want to replicate the disruption young, fresh talent can bring to a team that Leclerc has been so successful harnessing.

Giovinazzi 2019 Stats Compared To Raikkonen

Drivers Championship Position

Number Of Points

Delta To Kimi On Qualifying

Delta To Kimi On Points

Antionio Giovinazzi 2020 Confirmation Deserved After 2019 Results?

Antionio Giovinazzi 2020 Video Content

Frédéric Vasseur Reflecting On Giovinazzi’s Performance For The 2019 Season

“Antonio has done really well this year. The way he has integrated into the team and has consistently improved throughout his first full season in the sport are very promising and we cannot wait to unlock his full potential as we continue to work together”



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