CRASHGATE Simplified – The 2008 Singapore Story: F1 Original Videos

In this Formula 1 original content video, we talk about what would make a Formula 1 driver throw their car into the wall on purpose? I’ll take you through the twist & turns of the events that followed the 2008 Singapore GP – more simply known as Crashgate. With the 2020 F1 season iarriving sooner than we all realize, it’s always good to revisit these incidents as they continue to happen and prove to not learn from history. 

Time Stamps

  • Meet The Double World Champ: 1:55
  • ACT II – THE CRASH – 4:02
  • The Loop Hole – 5:44
  • How Massa Ruined His Championship: 6:30
  • The Animated Timeline – 8:20
  • The FIA’s Official Accusation: 9:34
  • The FISA Leaks – 10:02
  • The Sentencing – 12:25
  • Where’s There’s Smoke, There’s Fire – 14:08
  • Did Alonso Know – 15:20

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